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Patronage Dividends

Your electric cooperative is different from other utilities because it is a not-for-profit business.  Funds remaining after expenses are called margins or patronage capital and are reinvested in providing you and your community the best possible service.  As new funds continue to come in they replace old funds that are then paid back to you in the form of a patronage dividend check.

Payment is based on the amount of electricity you have purchased.  While checks aren’t issued the same year they are earned, the margins are used to keep your rates lower than they might be if large sums of money had to be borrowed from other sources.

Even though your check may be just a few dollars it is one way Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative gives back to you, its members and supports the success of our communities.

It is the policy of the Cooperative to refund patronage dividends to estates of deceased persons who were patrons of the Cooperative.  Please notify us if you know of a member or former member who has passed away.

Please keep the Cooperative informed of your current address to assure notification of margin allocations and patronage dividend payments.  If you feel you are owed a dividend please call 1-800-927-6068.






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